Reflection 14

It’s week 14. Last week for this entire semester. And it’s about the time for us to present our video production.

Here’s the video. Enjoy 🙂

I can still remember that I was having my big cry while I was editing this video. It wasn’t tough. It just because I feel so touched when seeing my teammates all work hard together to get this video done. We came across all the complicated and suffer moment. And now today is the day, to show them(our Dean, Dr Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Puan Hazrati, and some other facilitators) our product. I’m so nervous because I’m the one who handle the video editing. I’m afraid that our product wasn’t good enough to put on the stage. Luckily, we managed to finish it.

Same with other group members, I didn’t sleep ^_^And I felt so warm when Dr Rosseni asked me ” tidur tak?” … 🙂

Right at the moment, I felt energetic even I answered “tidak” 🙂

And same goes with Dr Rosseni, I almost I cry while seeing our whole class tried our best to produce our video. We feel so touch! :’)

We had six groups to do their presentation today.

First group was from Imran’s group. Their title was ” BACK THEN”. Seriously, I like their poster very much. It was totally bringing the feel of going back to the past time. Here they are 🙂



The next group to present their video was from Farahafizah’s group. They were doing about friendship which named as”SAHABAT”. I like their way of shooting. It’s so creative! From the bottom of my heart,I always admire their group. They are truly making me want to be a part of them. The way that they keep the friendship’s bond is so strong. 🙂 See their cutie face ^_^



Next, it’s time to BROGA! This is Farahin’s group. They went to Broga for shooting. I’m truly admire their brave. They went to Broga on 3am early in the morning. This made me worrying about their safety. And all blessed, they came back safely. And they had a great video sharing with us! 🙂



Next, it’s Muhaidir’s group. They were doing about the friendship. Their way of telling the story made me felt amazed. They were using ” Looking Back ” as the way to tell the story. And come to the end, there are few of moral values that we should learn. For instance, we should always respect others and learn to keep friendship long and strong.
Here they are ! 🙂



Last group was from Yasmin’s group! It’s another amazing group! Their production was truly different with the rest of us. They were using the cartoon-like doll to tell the story about the solat. It’s so cute! I can’t help loving it when all of the cartoon-like doll were moving step by step on the screen! I like it so much ^_^

Here they are! 🙂



Right after the presentation, we listened to the comments from all the facilitators and also Dr Rosseni. I felt so happy because all of our effort made us today. It’s a blessed day! “)

We are incredible TESLIANS!



Come to the end, erm… can I cry? Please allow me.

Share my story again?

^_^ I like BUTTERFLY. And I always learn the values form BUTTERFLY. ^_^ And I used to call myself as BUTTERFLY.^_^ Because I’m seriously respect BUTTERFLY. They are doing good in every single stage. They came across all the coldest stages to make sure that they would become beautiful BUTTERFLIES one day in the future. And BUTTERFLY ‘s story is same goes with me. I’ve been told about this from my teacher in my secondary school. She said that I’ve been changing a lot like BUTTERFLY. Because, I was totally an introvert girl when I was in lower form(Form1,2 and3). I even felt so hard and shy to request that I wanted to go to the toilet. Nowadays, I am able to dance on the stage. I am to give my speech during presentation. Like I am truly turning into BUTTERFLY. I can spread my wings and fly. The sky is mine.

So now, BUTTERFLY is going to give a big bow to  Dr Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Puan Hazrati, all facilitators, all my classmates, and all and all that related to this course. Thanks for all the MOTHERLY CARE!
Of Course! My teammates! Winnie, Erna, Ummira, Ayie... Thank you ! And I’m here to sorry if i did anything wrong or hurt your feeling so bad. Again, THANK YOU!


And I love you!

And, and, and.. I’m seriously want to do this to all of us…( Here’s a short clip about my farewell dancing to our principal. It was his retire party.)

By borrowing this short clip, let’s receive BUTTERFLY’s little bowing 🙂

Wish all of us have a HAPPY LIFE like the wings of BUTTERFLY ~! ^_^

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Reflection 13

It was week 13. And I was not around because I was on my way to UNIMAP for the MAKUM Competition ( Majlis Kebudayaan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia). Same goes with Safwan. So I will try my best to get what was going on in the week 13 class through my classmate’s blog.

Mind to read my story again?:)

It was a long journey. It took about 8 hours to reach there. For sure, it was the time for me to recover my sleep after struggling for a week which was all about presentations, quizzes and workshop. And unavoidable, I had intensive training for the dancing competition which was from 5pm till 12am. We were actually bringing the hope of UKM.

It was so cruel for me right at the moment. We practiced in the DECTAR which was all cool like we put ourselves into refrigerator. And the sad thing is, I can’t cope with this struggle week. I fell sick. 😦 It was really cruel for me. I felt myself so weak and useless. How could I fell sick in this moment. Presentations, quizzes, team teaching, competition, video editing were waiting for me. I was really clueless and helpless. 😦

After taking rest for half day, I attended the dancing training again as we were still in choreography session. It wasn’t good if I absent for the training. And, I hate to absent class. I would feel happy when I see that my attendance is full. *This might prove that I’m a good girl* 🙂

Here’s some of the pictures that our team took during the competition 🙂

This is Creative Dance – { HANYA YANG ASLI }



After the first session competition, we were going to have dinner at the seaside.


Aadyamaatra – Can you recognize me and Safwan and Faizal(TESL-4th year)?

We are so proud wearing this t-shirt. 🙂 UKM GO!

We're from UKM!

We’re from UKM!

I like this picture so much. 🙂

When the LIGHTING tells a STORY

When the LIGHTING tells a STORY

Last but not least, these two little boy were carrying the same design of bag. I can still remember that the little boy(son of my jurulatih) asked ” Mummy, can I have the same bag with abang Saddam?” And here’s they are. 🙂 I found it so warm and so cute! 🙂



Come to the end, we didn’t win any prize. But, we won ourselves. We did the best while we were on stage.

I am truly grateful for what I have right at the moment. All bittersweet memories came to me when I came down from the stage. I’m thankful. :’)

Alright, it’s about time to move to this course.

I had read the blogs from some of my classmates. I found that they were learning about the Photoshop during this week. So nice! I wished I was in the class as I hoped to learn Photoshop since long time ago. I’m telling the truth. Because I had made appointment with my friend who knows how to use Photoshop to edit photo. After all, due to I’m too busy in training, we couldn’t make it. I’m truly upset. 😦

Now, no time to regret anymore! Let’s jot down what I should prepare for the next week presentation.:)

Have a nice day~!

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Reflection 12

It was week 12. We had our class with 3 session.

First session was conducted by Puan Hazrati. She taught us about the CASPER. CASPER is very important and useful for us. It is the principle of design. It is the layout design in electronic presentation such as power point, refers to the skill used to arrange media in the slide. It also compile all the product from editing tools and it will make our presentation perfect.  It’s all about the techniques that we might use in preparing our slide presentation. These are the component of CASPER:-

1) C- Contrast

For instance –make one of the points become outstanding, we need to concern about all these (font size, font type, line, colour, graphic, bold) – This could help to avoid overlapping( title or content)

2) A- Alignment

Each element in the presentation should be in balance with the screen size

There should have 2balanced sides which are named as Symmetrical and Aymmetrical

Eg: “to be continued” -it could bring a better effect if we put it on the right hand side of the slide. And it indicated the consideration of the author.

3) S- Simplicity

We use simple graphic and animation in our presentation slides. Sometimes, “less is more” which means that even we are just using the simple white background, it could bring the effect that best ever !

4) P- Proximity

The law of proximity talks about – The objects near each other tend to be grouped together. It means that “same element should be grouped together”. We could make it by listing them with horizontal rows or vertical column. It’s all up to the author to see how is s/he  going to convey the message. For this, we need to consider the distance between the elements(text and graphic). Besides that, we have to always bear in mind that different element should be placed far to avoid overlapping.

5) E- Emphasis

This is depend on the author to see whether s/he is going to focus on content or the image? We might emphasize something by using different colours or different shapes. All of these elements should have big contrast among themselves. Big contrast could catch audiences’s eyes well.

6)R- Repetition

We should have the standardization in order to show that we are well organized enough to convey our message. Usually the repetition occurs when we are not going to mention our topic every single time during the sharing session with audiences. This is because too much repetition will lead to boring the presentation. So, why don’t we just put it(topic, sub-topic.etc) there? 🙂 Besides that, we may also standardize the number of slides, logo, title’s font, content’s font and etc. Basically, the font and the colour that we used shouldn’t exceed 3 types in one slide.

The second session was conducted by Miss Aida. She was talking about the Student Learning with Information in Higher Education. It was truly a lively class. We were learning in a fun atmosphere.
In her session, we had learned about how to increase our information skills. After sum up all her points, here’s come out my own summary. As we are getting higher in our education level and also we are now in 21st century, we shouldn’t put ourselves on the stage of only receiving the information. We need to be able to understand and ask question. Besides that, we need to ask ourselves about ” How could I do better for personally, for community, for education and for my own country if I had owned the knowledge?” Here’s come the MQF’s student learning outcomes:-

1) They are able to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of fundamental principles of a field of study.

2) They are able to communicate effectively and convey information,ideas, and problems.

3) They are able to apply team and interpersonal skills.

Again, thanks to Miss Aida for bringing us this new knowledge as I never knew this term before. 🙂

The third session was conducted by Encik Helmi. He taught us about how to use Adobe Premiere CS4 to edit our video. Thank you Encik Helmi. Let’s put effort together for this Educational Technology course. 🙂 And I decided to use both Window Media Maker and Adobe Premiere CS5 to produce our video.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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Reflection 11

It was week11. It was a great day which I received a meaningful bookmark from Dr Rosseni. It’s a bookmark which filled with the name of Allah Taala(after asking friend about what is written). 🙂 Thanks to Dr Rosseni. I would like to keep it. For me, it’s the beautiful of a culture.

We had two session in this week.

The first session was conducted by Encik Helmi. He was teaching us about the Windows Movie Maker. This editing tool is very useful and it’s very convenient using. He said that we as teacher need to master this editing tool in order to make our class fun in future. That’s right. 🙂

I really appreciate the hardworking of Encik Helmi. He always help us to come across all the problems that we faced. For example, a lot of our classmates don’t know how to produce a slide show. And, him, tried to reach us and teach us about the video editing tool step by step. Again, thank you. 🙂

The second session was conducted by Puan Hazrati. She had a discussion with us  about we needed to compile everything that we had done for this semester. Then, we had to make it in power point presentation form as the introduction for our video presentation. However, she would try her best to arrange the time for us in order we had time to finish up our “massive tasks”.

Again I’m so touched about her concern. Her concern was actually making me so warm right at the moment.

Finally, I was happy because Dr Rosseni attended our class. Every enquirers can be answered on the spot.

Again with the thank you for all the thing. 🙂

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Reflection 10

It was week 10. We had to present the video that we shooted.

Unfortunately, we could only present a few of our videos because we haven’t finished our shooting yet. We only showed Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati the videos that we had shoot in Sungai Congkak. I had tried to put them all into the video editing, but it was too irrelevant. Again, I felt so grateful for all the comments from Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati.

May I say sorry to Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati at here? Because sometimes I didn’t put any emotion on my face while looking at them. I think I might be too sleepy and tired. This is because I had dancing practice at Panggung Seni for the competition – MAKUM(Majlis Kebudayaan Universiti-universiti Malaysia). It used up my time for about 6 hours per day(from 5pm-11pm). And this same goes with Safwan. So, I’m not a good girl in the class?

May Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati forgive me?

This is the video that we showed to Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati.

And this video helped me a lot while I was using Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5 to compile all the videos.

Learning process!

Editing :)

Editing 🙂

*playing with the effect control* - making me so freak.

*playing with the effect control* – making me so freak.

It’s about the time to export ^_^


Right after Encik Helmi and Puan Hazrati finished watching our videos, they gave us comments about our video quickly in order we had time to correct it. They said we might use the real flower rather than we picked it from the internet. Encik Helmi did give us a nice inspiration. Besides that, Puan Hazrati told us that we might play with the angles and the edges. I really want to say thank you to them as they pointed out our weakness.

Let’s start all over again ^_^

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Reflection 7, 8 and 9

Sound so great that we could combine our 7th, 8th and 9th reflection together.

Well, it is still the “mind working” day and week.

And also, I had updated my blog late.

Let’s move on.

During 7th week, we didn’t have class. And same goes with Winnie, I am going to wish my all muslim friends and teachers a blessed“Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha”!

Here’s a little story about me. I’m actually come from a town which is 100% Chinese community. So when I’m here (UKM), I’m facing a huge culture shock. I can’t recognize what are the issues that discuss between people; I can’t merge myself into situation; I can barely answer someone’s question after 10 second 😦 Luckily, so far, I could manage it well. And what I’ve learned from this is that I have to be brave.

Now, if compare the “me” nowadays with the “me” previous time, I like the “me” nowadays. I could see the differences of me from the 3 semesters that I had been gone through. I see myself playing each part so funny. Seriously talking, I’m actually don’t know what is “Hari Raya Aidiladha” before this. I only knew ” Hari Raya Aidilfitri”. (malunya…).

After all and now, I feel so grateful. I learned to be alert all the time, no matter it’s in the field of study or making friend.

Story end. 🙂

Now I’m going to share my self-introduction video which should be uploaded since long time ago. Honestly, I feel shy to share this video. I can’t stop laughing and blushing while looking myself especially after I watched the video that had been done by my classmates. I feel I’m so fool. And I wish to redo to make it perfect. But, there is a thought stopped me this. “If you refuse to see yourself clearly now, you would regret it in future”.so I would like to share the original part of my “self introduction video”.


Funny, isn’t?



Dr Rosseni was unable to be with us this week. She was involved in Bagan Serai for another UKM-NCER programme to help SME in rural areas to market their product by using wordpress. So this week, we had our class with Mdm Hazrati and Mr Helmi and as well together with his friends. Kind of missing Dr Rosseni’s smiley face.

During the class session, we were discussing about the agenda of our presentation day. We’re informed that our presentation would be held in Week 13 at Dewan Budiman. It would be a big day for us because we will invite our Dean and all lecturers to attend. Here are some suggestions among us:

i) Name – TESL Day

ii) Closed only to TESL group (SET 2)

iii) Prepare booth-showing prototype of our storyboard

iv) Prepare laptops in each group to show blog, FB group, Vlog and video

v) Poster-process of video production/pictures

Furthermore, En Helmi and Pn Hazrati were giving some advices for us regarding our video shooting. They told us that we should prepare at least a laptop in order to prevent running out of capacity of the video camera. We’re asked to keep silent while shooting to prevent the noise effect. Besides that, we also need to bring extra battery, a small mic, torchlight and other relevant. For me, we need to prepare umbrella. *just a joke*: p

Right after the class, our group was holding a small discussion about our video shooting date. Finally we came up with the plan that we will go to Sungai Congkak on 5/11/2012. We would borrow the video camera from Winnie’s friend. We planned to rent a car. We will have our breakfast at Kolej Keris Mas before move.

Right at the moment, I was so excited and there’s a lot of ideas keep flying in my mind. I wish everything goes smooth.

See, me and Winnie are such naughty children. We purposely ask my roommate to shoot this funny scene.



Yes. It was 5/11/2012, the day that we went to Sungai Congkak for our video shooting. We were having our breakfast at Kolej Keris Mas before move. Along the journey, I really thank to my iPad and Celcom broadband because it lead us to our destination safely. * xie xie ni!*

It was a really heavy rain. We can barely see the condition of the road. Finally, we decided to stop a while beside of the road. Once the rain was getting slow, me and Erna moved out from the car. We went to check the condition of the river to see whether it was suitable for us to shoot or not. Since the rain was getting slow, so we decided to move on. We got back to the car and head to Sungai Congkak.

The leave after raining


*captured by naughty Ong Jee Teng*

Erm.. it was still raining. Before the real shooting, we played around and kept taking photo with each others.  J Listen, no more raining. It’s time to move.

We moved into the jungle. We observed where the best spot for us to shoot is. Finally, we found it.

I went here and I went there. I maximize my imagination like what I always do during choreography a dance routine. I was searching the suitable angle and edge. I tried to use what I’ve learned during the class. I asked Erna to shoot me while I would keep a Yoga pose at the river side. I taught her how to move the video camera. After my Yoga scene, I moved on to Erna’s part. She played the part as a grateful person who admires the beautiful of the trees. After that, it’s Winnie’s part. She acted as a person who feels sad about the dirty river.

Feeling sad

Feeling sad

Can't get rid of dancing if together with naughty Ong Jee Teng

Can’t get rid of dancing if together with naughty Ong Jee Teng

And I was so happy because we cooperated well. ❤

Unfortunately, the rain was coming again. We still left several important scenes. Furthermore, it’s about 1630++.  After discussion, we decided to shoot it in UKM.

Along our way back, we found a place which messed up with the rubbish. Such an irresponsibility action. No second thought, we decided to stop by the roadside and started shooting it. Ummie took part in this scene. She acted as a person who feels sad about the rubbish that had been threw everywhere.

Rubbish everywhere.We felt so sad angry.

Rubbish everywhere.
We felt so sad angry.

It was a great day! And I feel so grateful that I have today.






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Just For Fun

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